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Episode 7: February 20, 1982

Welcome to The Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast. On this episode of the show, Mike Sempervive returns alongside Roman Gomez, to take a look at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from February 20, 1982, featuring:

  • We deal with our first gap in episodes on the Network, as we’re forced to skip ahead to February 20, missing a key program during the start of the World tag tournament.
  • Despite the tournament dominating the landscape, Austin Idol begins to be positioned away from the pack.
  • Roddy Piper and Bill Ward hawk colorful bumper stickers – the kind of sticker you would like to have for your car – as Don Kernodle cuts a mysterious promo.
  • Two superfectas of promos – babyfaces vs. heels.
  • Plus top results and all of the known towns and cities from around the loop, and much more, on another exciting edition of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast!

The Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.