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Episode 8: February 27, 1982

Welcome to The Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast. On this episode of the show, Mike Sempervive returns alongside Roman Gomez, to take a look at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from February 27, 1982, featuring:

  • A slight reprieve this week from the constant hammering home of the ongoing NWA World tag team championship tournament, as well as Who Contributed The Most in 1981. 
  • Austin Idol continues to scout the area’s talent – and begins to make his own locker room leery of him. 
  • Jimmy Valiant makes a statement by way of Stan Hansen, Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff. 
  • We’re still not sure if Sgt. Slaughter knows why Mike George is here, but he certainly knows who Ron Ritchie is now. 
  • Plus top results from around the loop, great promos, and much more, on another exciting edition of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast!

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