Episode 25: July 3, 1982

Welcome to The Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast. On this episode of the show, Mike Sempervive returns alongside Roman Gomez, to take a look at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from July 3 1982, featuring:

  • Roddy Piper appears, with little explanation, as the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion. (He’s not, Jack Brisco still is, and we explain why.)
  • Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is back on the scene, ratcheting up the Q-factor of the bad guys in the area through the roof. 
  • Ricky Steamboat and Don Muraco appear destined to meet, as The Magnificent One gets “happy again.”
  • Two really good matches bookend the program, classic promos, and tons more to unpack on another exciting edition of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast

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