Special Episode: Don Kernodle Tribute Show Part 1

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast. Mike Sempervive returns with a very special edition of the show, paying tribute to the life and career of The Pride of the Carolinas, Don Kernodle.

In part one, we tell the incredible story of how a lifelong wrestling fan got into the business, and the arduous journey Kernodle took to begin his career. We hear how he gets his first big break as a member of Sargent Slaughter’s Brigade, teaming first with Jim Nelson and then with Sarge himself.

The first part of our look at Kernodle’s incredible career ends with the announcement that May 12, 1983 is the date, and the Road To Greensboro is coming to a close. Coming up next week, in part two, we take you to Greensboro – and beyond – as we celebrate the career of the last territorial star, the late, great, Don Kerndole.  

We hope you enjoy our tribute, and stay vigilant for the next podcast in this series.

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